How Many Crested Geckos Can Live Together?

two crested geckos together in an enclosure

Do you already have a crested gecko as a pet and want another one? Well, it is not uncommon for gecko pet owners to adopt two or more crested geckos. What is important to know is how to accommodate your crested geckos together. 

You can put two or more crested geckos together. When you are thinking of putting two or more crested geckos together, you should know that male crested geckos should never be kept in the same enclosure. You can keep two or more females together or multiple females with one male gecko in the enclosure.

How Do Crested Geckos Ideally Live?

In the wild, crested geckos like to live individually. They do not live in groups or communities like other animals. Crested geckos cross paths and mate occasionally.  

They like having their own space and are the happiest when they are alone, as they have different personalities. 

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can not put two or more crested geckos together. You can pair or group them but with some conditions. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crested Geckos Living Together

Before we jump into how to accommodate two or more crested geckos, let us see the advantages and disadvantages of grouping them. 


  • You will need only one enclosure to maintain. 
  • You can observe all your crested geckos in one place. 
  • If you want crested gecko babies, the housing situation will be perfect. 
  • Food not eaten by one crested gecko can be eaten by another.  


  • There may be fights leading to injuries.
  • Crested geckos may fight or compete for food with one another.
  • Their stress levels can increase, leading to mental health issues.
  • Breeding can take place even if you do not want crested gecko babies.  
  • Dominant crested geckos can hoard resources such as heat or water. 
  • With more crested geckos in the enclosure, it can become hard to monitor their health.  

How to Accommodate Multiple Crested Geckos Together?    

Let us look at a few ways you can accommodate your crested geckos.   

  1. All Female Crested Geckos Together

If you already have a female crested gecko, you can adopt another female gecko and place them in the same enclosure.  

You can house two or more female crested geckos together as they are not territorial like the male geckos and rarely get into fights. 

You can safely place several female crested geckos together, but you must supervise them to ensure no problems arise. For example, when you group three female crested geckos together, there are chances of one gecko becoming more dominant than the other two. This can cause issues.  

Also, supervision is a must. Even though female geckos do not fight, there might be situations where the best-tempered female gecko can get into a fight with another female crested gecko. The chances are very less, but it is always better to supervise. 

  1. Male and Female

You can house one female and a male crested gecko together. This living situation must be monitored as it can result in offspring. 

Male crested geckos are more aggressive and amorous than female geckos. You need to ensure that your female crested gecko is not feeling uncomfortable and stressed because of the male gecko’s domination. 

If your female gecko is stressed, it is better to separate them. Also, if your female crested gecko has given birth, you must separate the two geckos for a while. Your female gecko will need time to recover and cool down without the male gecko trying to breed again. 

  1. One Male and Multiple Females

You can also house multiple female crested geckos with a single male crested gecko. This is an option you can consider if you want your geckos to breed. 

It works best as male crested geckos can spread their amorous attention across all the female crested geckos, and each female gecko can get the time to recover. 

  1. Baby Crested Geckos 

If you have baby crested geckos, you can keep them in the same enclosure regardless of their sex. You can keep them together until they are sexually mature. 

Important Points to Note While Housing Crested Geckos Together

  1. Never house two male crested geckos together. Male crested geckos are extremely territorial and aggressive. When you house them together, they can indulge in intense fights, which can lead to the death of one gecko as well. 
  1. If you are keeping male and female geckos together, you should know that they will mate. Juvenile female crested geckos will mate even if they are not ready to produce. They will carry and lay the eggs later. Note that this can be stressful for young female crested geckos. 

You should also know that female geckos can retain sperm from the male; even if you separate both geckos for a while, females will lay fertilized eggs. 

Hence, if you are not ready to take care of more geckos, it is best to avoid housing a male and a female crested gecko together because mating is inevitable. 

Regardless of how you house your crested geckos, you must monitor and supervise them.  

How to Build a Safe Space for Crested Geckos?  

When you are housing two or more crested geckos together, it is important to provide them with a safe space to avoid fights or domination. Here are a few steps you can take. 

  1. Build a Large Enclosure

If you are placing two or more crested geckos in an enclosure, it is important to provide them with adequate space. That is why you must build a large enclosure. A large space will give your crested geckos the opportunity to establish their own area or space. It will also prevent geckos from getting in each other’s space or way.

If you are placing a male gecko in the enclosure, the space must be very large to give females their own space.  

Here is a table for you that will tell you the minimum enclosure size. 

No. Of Crested GeckosEnclosure Size
2 females30 gallons
2 males500 gallons (If possible bigger than that)
3 females45 gallons
4 females60 gallons
5 females75 gallons
6 females90 gallons
2 or 3 females and 1 male75 gallons
4 females and 1 male90 gallons
5 females and 1 male120 gallons
  1. A Bioactive Enclosure

Building a bioactive enclosure will be easier for you to maintain it. In a bioactive enclosure, natural bacterial processes and insects will eat up leftover food and drop it. This will keep the enclosure clean. 

  1. Multiple Basking, Shedding, and Hiding Spots  

Crested geckos like to have privacy, which is why providing them with ample hiding spots will be beneficial for their stress levels. Your geckos will not fight for hiding spots as well. Hiding spots also help during shedding time. 

You must also provide various basking and shedding areas. If you provide them with only one basking spot, other geckos might not get the warmth they need. 

  1. Provide Them with Adequate Food 

Crested geckos can compete for food. Ensure that you provide all your geckos with enough food so that no one is left hungry.  

Adding a little more food than usual will always be helpful. 

  1. Monitor Their Health Regularly 

Since there are more crested geckos in the enclosure, you must monitor their health properly. Weigh them regularly to know if they are eating well and also check their 

calcium deposits. 

This will help you understand if you should separate your crested gecko to make them healthy.  

Potential Threats When Placing Multiple Crested Geckos Together

When you place multiple crested geckos in the same tank, you should look out for various threats.

Below are a few of the potential threats:

  • Weight Loss: Male and female geckos can bully submissive geckos in the cage by hoarding food and stopping them from eating. This can lead to weight loss for other crested geckos. Even if your gecko is stressed or intimidated, it can lose weight. 
  • Tail Loss or Nipping: If you notice the tail loss or nipping, you must separate your crested geckos before it is too late. 
  • Different Behavior Patterns: If you notice your gecko hiding more than usual or being timid, it is better to check on them as it can be due to stress or they are facing certain issues. 

If you notice any of these signs, immediately separate your crested geckos, as it is not healthy and can be dangerous in the long run. 

Fun Fact: Crested geckos can live approximately 15 – 20 years if looked after with proper care.


Crested geckos can live together as long as you do not place two male geckos in the same enclosure. When you are housing multiple geckos together, it is essential to provide them with a safe space. Otherwise, they can get stressed. Also, if you notice unusual behavior or threat signs, separate your geckos immediately. Always monitor your geckos when you house them together. 

We have provided you with all the important details regarding housing crested geckos together. Whatever decision you make, ensure that it is well calculated.

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