Do Crested Geckos Have Teeth?

do crested geckos have teeth

Yes, crested geckos, like most other animals have teeth. However, their teeth are very different from what others have. When it comes to biting, these geckos don’t usually bite. Biting is a safety mechanism when they feel threatened, although their bite will not cause harm.

Types of Teeth In Crested Geckos 

As we know by now, these crested geckos have teeth like any other animal, but there is a difference between the teeth these calm and lovely pets have. 

Usually, we have our teeth attached adequately to our gums, but the teeth of these pets are directly linked to their jawbones, making the use for which you have your teeth and for which they have their teeth very different. 

Below are the two types of teeth which these pets have: 

  1. Acrodont Teeth 

Acrodont teeth in the dental structure of these pet animals are essential. These are small, tiny, and pointy in nature

Due to their sharpness, these types of teeth in crested geckos are used to hunt down insects or other animals they feed upon while in the wild.  

As they are pointy, it gives a good grasp on the prey it has hunted for and helps to eat the insects you feed them while in captivity. 

  1. Pleurodont Teeth

Pleurodont teeth are connected to the sides of the jawbone, and unlike acrodont teeth that are just sitting on top of a jawbone, they are properly attached to the tissues on the sides. 

These types of teeth are mainly found on the downside of the jawbone. These are not very pointy and are flat and comparatively bigger.  

Crested geckos are omnivores. They feed on both plants and the flesh of insects. Unlike acrodont teeth, which are used to grab and keep a grasp on insects, Pleurodont teeth are used for breading down and chewing vegetables or plants. 

These pet animals have a powerful and advantageous ability to regrow both types of teeth once they are broken due to wild nature. These pets are very particular with their diet, so losing teeth would have been a significant loss. So, their ability to regrow their teeth is like a gift given by god.

Do Crested Geckos Bite? 

We know by now that these crested geckos definitely bite. But the question here is, do they bite you? And the answer to this is also a yes. They can bite you, but their bite usually doesn’t hurt or cause harm to you.

They usually bite you when they are aggressive with something you do or if they feel threatened by you. But since these pet animals are known for their calm and loving nature, there are rare situations they get aggressive and come to bite you.

Their teeth are generally made for grasping insects or grinding greens or vegetables. So, their bite should not hurt you.

Biting you for them is like the last resort for them to save themselves from any danger felt. So, try not to worry too much!

Careful handling of these crested geckos by you can reduce the likelihood of getting bitten. You should avoid making any forceful motions that could shock or frighten the gecko. When picking up a gecko, you should be very careful and try not to strain or hurt it. You should be supporting its torso and limbs. 

If this pet of yours has bitten you, try to stay calm and do not move away too quickly, or the gecko may bite even more forcefully. 

Remove its jaws from the skin slowly and gently. If you have been bitten, clean the wound with water and soap and apply some antiseptic to keep it from getting infected. Seek medical assistance if the bite gets worse or develops an infection.  

Take a look at the crested gecko biting his owner in this video

Dangers of Getting Bit by Crested Geckos  

Below is the list of all the possible dangers of being bitten by a crested gecko.

  1. Danger Of Infection

If bitten by a crested gecko, there is a possibility that you will contract an infection. These geckos carry various microorganisms in their mouths as they eat insects. As a result, a bite by one of these pet animals can introduce highly deadly organisms into the wound. 

If not treated with attention and care, an infected bite wound can develop into additional health issues, such as abscesses or systemic infections. 

An infected wound is unhealthy as it can travel through your entire body, entering from any opening, and can cause severe damage or chronic illnesses.

  1. Pain Or Discomfort

Even if there is not much danger in getting bitten by these crested geckos, it will cause you some pain or discomfort. There can be minor bleeding too. Due to this, you may not be able to use your hand or affected part of your body and might lack productivity.


While concluding the topic, firstly, if you own a crested gecko, you should keep in mind that even if its teeth are not visible, they have teeth and might bite you if they do not feel safe with you.

Crested geckos have two types of teeth, one is small and only for hunting the insects in the wild and making a good grip upon their prey, and the second is sharp and broad to chew the vegetables and other greens given to them to eat. 

If they bite you, you should immediately consult a vet as there may be some bleeding, and the wound can get infected. These pets might leave saliva around the damage, which may carry bacteria, causing infections.  


  1. Are Crested Geckos Hostile?

Not at all these geckos are very friendly and adjusting by nature. Initially, they shy away from you. Though your crested gecko might be irritated or show signs of an upset mess due to environmental factors, illnesses, etc. they are not at all hostile. 

Even if they feel threatened by you or anyone from outside, they will prefer hiding rather than attacking or showing an aggressive nature towards the person or you. They will rarely come to bite you.

  1. How Do You Know If Your Crested Gecko Is About to Bite?

When your crested gecko is upset or angry by you or the environment you keep it in; its body language changes towards you. They always communicate through their body language and different gestures, as they cannot speak. 

If you own a crested gecko, you should be familiar with all its signs and body language and be able to guess if it’s upset or angry with you well before your crested gecko acts out of anger or comes to bite you. 

If your gecko is angry, it usually opens its mouth wide and may produce Birkin or chirping or a very sharp noise. You may also notice that your gecko is hiding from you a lot. In cases like this, either he is too upset or too angry with you and may come to bite you if you find them when they are not ready.

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