Can Bearded Dragons Hear?

can bearded dragons hear

If you own a bearded dragon, chances are you talk to them all the time. But has this thought ever occurred to you if your pet bearded dragon can hear what you say? Or if they can even hear at all? Well, let’s answer your questions. 

Your pet bearded dragon can actually hear what you say! Not only that, but these spiky adorable animals have really good hearing. They use this to their advantage to stay away from predators and to catch their prey. 

How Does A Bearded Dragon Hear?

If you own a bearded dragon, it’s normal for you to wonder how it can even hear. After all, their ears are literally invisible to the human eye and it can feel like they don’t even have any ears. 

But wait, this isn’t true. They in fact do have ears. But, unlike us humans, the ears of a bearded dragon are not a dominant feature. As mentioned before, they are not very prominent to the naked human eye. 

The outside part of the ear looks just like a hole and the other part of the ear is entirely internal. If you want to find the ear, all you need to do is follow the right corner of the mouth with your finger and move slightly up. You’ll be able to find it there. 

A bearded dragon can hear very well in the wild as well. Their ears have been trained to listen to certain sounds that will help them survive in the wild. It even helps them to find their prey and stop them from getting eaten. 

Is Hearing Important For Bearded Dragons? 

Yes, hearing is an important sense for a bearded dragon. There are many obvious and unknown reasons as to why hearing is important for a bearded dragon. Some of these include:

  1. Staying Away From Predators   

This is one of the obvious reasons why hearing is important for a bearded dragon. A good sense of hearing is important for them to stay away from predators. 

Bearded dragons have developed a good sense of hearing over time. They need to be cautious of their predators. Some of the predators that they might come across include:

  • Pythons  
  • Foxes 
  • Dingoes 
  • Cats 
  • Birds 

Moreover, a bearded dragon even has the ability to detect motion through subtle ground vibrations. So, with their intense hearing sense and touch, they are easily able to stay away from their predators.  

  1. For Catching Their Prey 

A bearded dragon requires excellent hearing to catch their prey. They enjoy eating insects and bugs, but these are not easy to find in the wild. It requires a lot of patience and sharp hearing senses. 

Their good sense of hearing helps them detect even the faintest rustle of insects or other potential food sources.

When it comes to a pet bearded dragon, their food is provided straight to them. Due to this, they don’t need to have as good of hearing as a wild bearded dragon. However, their natural instinct for sensitive hearing is still useful, and it remains a part of their abilities. 

Most of the time, a bearded dragon uses its eyes to find and eat its food. But there are times when these bugs and insects hide away. This is when their hearing comes into play and helps them with it.  

Does A Bearded Dragon Like It When You Talk To Them?

When you talk to a bearded dragon they may not be able to understand everything you say. But, they do love listening to the environment. 

Although they might not be able to understand you, when you talk to your pet bearded dragon in a calm tone, they feel more relaxed. They also will start getting used to your presence. 

Apart from this, your pet bearded dragon will also start to recognize your voice. Speaking in a soft and even tone will only help you to develop a bond with your pet. The more softly and calmly you talk to them, the less likely they will be scared of you and try to run away.  

However, if your pet bearded dragon gets uncomfortable or scared when you talk to it then the best thing to do is give it some space and time. You’ll need to stay quiet and step away for a bit till your pet gets comfortable with you. 

Does A Bearded Dragon Like Music?

Many bearded dragon owners have said that their pet bearded dragon seems to have preferences when it comes to certain genres of music. 

Some pet bearded dragons seem to be more relaxed and calmer when they hear particular tunes. While, on the other hand, some owners observe that their pet bearded dragons become more alert and attentive when certain types of music play. They might even cock their little heads to one side, showing their curiosity and engagement.

You will notice that these little beardies tend to react to music more than normal pets like cats and dogs. However, this can also be because a bearded dragon has a strong sense of vibration. 

So, there is no proper evidence that states a bearded dragon likes music. But, when it comes to playing tunes, these little beardies do give a reaction. Whether it’s the rhythm, the melody, or the vibrations, there’s definitely something intriguing about how bearded dragons react.

Is It Important To Clean The Ears Of A Bearded Dragon?

As you may have read above, the outer structure of a bearded dragon is just a large hole. So it is normal for a pet owner to be fearful of something going inside the ear. Whether it is pieces of bark or sand, there will always be a fear of something getting stuck inside their ear.  

If you ever feel like there is an issue with the ears of a bearded dragon, do not go and poke around its ears. No matter what the reason may be, it is highly suggested not to stick anything inside a bearded dragon’s ear. 

However, if you feel there is something stuck or if the ears need some sort of cleaning, it is always recommended to go and visit a vet. This is a much safer option for both you and your pet. 

You should keep in mind that such situations are very rare. A bearded dragon actually takes very good care of its ears, and it always tries to keep them safe. 

Can A Bearded Dragon Communicate With Its Owner?

A bearded dragon cannot directly communicate with you. But, they can indirectly communicate with humans. 

Your pet bearded dragon will bob its head to greet you. They may even sometimes wave at you when you approach them. This is their way of expressing their happiness. 

Sometimes you may notice your pet bearded dragon being more active around you. This just shows that they are only welcoming you and your presence. By watching how your pet bearded dragon moves and behaves, you’ll understand how they feel and what they need.

A bearded dragon can even recognize your voice and presence. These constant interactions will only end up making your bond stronger with your pet. You can see this when they climb onto your arm or follow you around their tank. 

So, even if they can’t talk, they’ve got a special way of communicating their feelings with you.


The senses of all bearded dragons are very sharp. And yes, Bearded dragons do have really good hearing that they use to stay away from predators and to get their prey. 

So if you own a bearded dragon as a pet, you can always talk to them and make them feel comfortable in their environment. 

Although they may not be able to understand you entirely, they will provide some sort of signs to you to make you aware that they can hear you.

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